Why adopt a Manuelita or Manuelito?

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Product quality

The Manuelitas and Manuelitos are made with selected yarns for the welfare of your children and the environment. The alpaca fiber is soft, comfortable, flexible, durable and heat-regulating action, while the organic cotton prevents allergic reactions, and allows greater ventilation and breathing of the skin. Besides, the dyes used are low impact; they don’t contain toxic chemicals or heavy metals as well as the sheet used for filling allows washing and fast drying without its Manuelita or Manuelito deformed.


  CE certification is part of our guarantee, that is, we comply with the legal and technical requirements established by the European Community to the free marketing of the Manuelitas and Manuelitos. Children and even newborns can enjoy our products.


Our supplies are non-toxic, such as organic cotton grown free of pesticides, herbicides and is spun and produced without harmful chemicals and thus contribute to protecting the environment. We believe in a cleaner, safer world. Therefore, also we enjoy the GOTS certification, seal of ecological textiles.

Unique pieces

Each handmade design has unique characteristics that reflect the creativity of the artisans.

Export quality

Our designed developed and manufactured under strict production processes are recognized abroad. An optimal quality control opens doors in the most competitive markets like the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Fair trade

We promote fair trade relationship between producers and consumers . The price paid for the products allow decent living conditions and quality requirements are in line to pay labor.


We are a source of employment for rural women, in turn encouraging personal development, generating a positive impact on the family, their community and the region. The artisans acquire empowerment, recognition and economic autonomy.

Made in Peru

We contribute to the dynamism of the economy and to create the country’s image as a seal of quality.

With your purchase we will continue to train more women in the art of weaving, who achieve greater economic independence and improve their quality of life and their families.

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