The campaign was a success!

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Over 700 knit garments were collected during Interweaving, an activity carried out as part of the campaign.

The campaign “Housework must be share by the entire family”, organized by the Movimiento Manual Ramos project “Access to and Improvement of Economic Income of Quechua and Aymara Women in Puno”, aimed to raise awareness about work carried out by women in the private realm.  When reproductive work is recognized, valued and shared, it generates better personal development opportunities for each family member, especially for women, who carry out this work as if it were only women’s work.

The event began at around 9:00 in the morning with the Awareness Workshop aimed at artisan leaders, local authorities, media and the general population of Puno.  The workshop was organized by Alicia Villanueva, coordinator of the Economic Rights project of Movimiento Manuela Ramos.

Next, over 800 attendees participated in Interweaving, an action that counted on the participation of institutions such as the Regional Government, DIRCETUR, Proyecto Artesanía (Artisan Project), Provincial Municipality of Puno, MPP Social Programs, the Ombudsman’s Office, Round Table for the Fight against Poverty, FEMUCARINAP, EsSalud Puno, Women’s Centre for Emergencies, Coordinador Rural (Rural Coordinator), MIM Puno, Yanapanaykusum, Inppares, Commissioner for Peace and Development in Puno, CIAP, Moda Alpaca,  Aymara Women’s Union, CAMUBP, Young Women’s Federation of Puno,  as well as the general public.

At the same time, The Clothesline for Equality took place in front of the Provincial Municipal building in Puno where people passing by hung up poster boards expressing their opinions about whether or not only women should carry out household chores.  Here are some of their answers: “Only uneducated people think this way. Today we have gender equality and equal rights”…“Femmes ou hommes égalite´ dans le travail et dans las rémunératiens (Equality for women or men at work and in salaries)”, “…we can all do housework:  women, men and children as well”, “respect and support among men and women will help us build strong families and raise children who are aware of their responsibilities”, “…Peru is a county that makes women do household chores as if only women had hands and feet.  This is not true.”, “We are all part of the home: husband, wife and children, so let’s work toward a shared goal for the good of the entire family”, “true love does not differentiate between MEN and WOMEN, “Dad washes, Mom cleans”, Not only women must carry out housework: men must also support them and share these chores…”, “At home we all have to help out regardless of gender.  We have to show our children that Mom and Dad are equal”.

The main goal of the campaign was achieved with this activity and surpassing all expectations thanks to the participation of Puno residents.  All voices were heard: over 300 opinions were written down and 719 garments were collected.  These garments will be delivered to charitable organizations such as the Asylum for the Elderly located in the District of Chucuito as well as to children’s shelters.

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