Puno participates in International Knit in Public Week

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Semana internacional de Tejer en Público también se vivió en Puno

The Manuelas of Puno joined the International Knit in Public Week, held from June 8th to 16th, throughout the work with the goal of providing a space for the empowerment of women with regard to work that has generally been linked to women, carried out in the intimacy of the home and that has received little recognition or value.

These women knit with pride in the main plazas of their districts despite the intense cold and snow. The first women to do so were the artisans ofMazocruz.

“Knitting in public is a very interesting and important activity that allows the public to see what we do, how we produce and at the same time gives us a space to talk about issues that affect us as women and artisans”, said Eulogia Mamani Quispe, president of the Artisan Women´s Association “Aymaras Altoandino.

In Cabanilla, artisans from the Artisan and Agricultural Producers Association “Mujeres de Cullillaca (Women from Cullillaca)” knit in public at the weekly fair in order to visibilize their work.

The Manuelas of Moho, “Garden of the High Plains”, also joined in the public initiative that has been held since 2005 around the world.

This is how Movimiento Manuela Ramos, by means of the project “Access to and Improvement of the Economic Income of Quechua and Aymara Artisan Women in Puno”, co-executed with Economists without Borders and funded by the European Union, works toward the recognition of the economic rights of women in Puno.

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