Puno Manuelas participated in “One Billion Rising” campaign

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Un Billón de Pie

The Manuelas from Puno, who have worked for 35 years defending the human rights of women and gender equality on the local, regional and national level, participated in the campaign “One Billion Rising”, an event that is held every February 14th.  The campaign is a simultaneous global wakeup call that seeks to visibilize all struggles, all voices, and all efforts regarding violence against women and girls.

The event was held in the port are of the city of Puno and included the participation of main regional authorities such as the Ombudsmen Office, as well as other institutions that also attended the event and demonstrated their rejection of any type of violence against women.

Further, the action allowed attendees to familiarize themselves with the slogan “Without economic autonomy, there is no true autonomy”.  This slogan is a Movimiento Manuela Ramos proposal that seeks to raise awareness about the importance of women´s access to information, education, opportunities and the conditions necessary to obtain paid work or carry out an economic activity that enables them to generate income and achieve a better quality of life.

One Billion Rising” is a citizen´s action campaign that seeks to inform, raise awareness and mobilize people, awakening  the creativity, imagination, strength and hope for change in each individual.

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