Puno artisans continue to make headlines!

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Puro Puno Regional 2-web

The participation of Movimiento Manuela Ramos artisans in the first “Puro Puno Regional Fair”, held in the gallery Central de Salcedo in Puno, culminated with the sale of many garments, accessories and toys.

For three days, our artisans from the district of Vilque, from the organizations “Luz Divina” and “Santa Catalina”, not only learned about export quality products, but also about their great ability as  sales women and as small business women who are leading the way. They were visited by Venancia Apaza Pachacutec, Mayor of the district of Vilque, who congratulated their outstanding participation and committed to continue to help the artisans, as well as providing them with an economic incentive.

The artisans were satisfied with the warm welcome they received.  “I am happy with the money I earned through sales because I will use it to buy 4 cones of wool for working capital.  This experience also allows me to grow as an artisan and makes me feel proud because we were visited by the press who praised our work”, said Florencia Flores from the Artisan Women’s Association “Santa Catalina”, with a smile.

These knitting artists are part of the project “Access to and Improvement of Economic Income of Quechua and Aymara Artisan Women in Puno”, funded by the Eropean Union.

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