Puno artisan weavers begin a new experience

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It was last year in September that we started a new dream, a new project: “Consolidating economic ventures of Aymara and Quechua artisan women weavers of Puno” with the aim of expanding opportunities for economic initiatives of artisan women.  Developing production and expanding their markets, we expect to consolidate their economic participation and autonomy.

The beginning of the project coincided with the regional and municipal elections, which was lived with a particular interest in women of this region.  For the first time, seven artisans participated as candidates for councilors in the districts of Paucarcolla, Platería, Juli, Vilque and Conduriri participated (in the latter was elected Denise Condorcallo, a great success).

Today, thanks to our experience in strengthening opportunities to expand the participation of artisan women, we move steadily in our goals.  In the early months of this project we validated the Guide for the Development of Business Plans, based on the Module on Business Plans prepared by “Economists Without Borders”.  The validation was performed with the artisan women associated with the Trenzas de Oro Organization of the Platería District.  After the appropriate adjustments to the Guide the process continues with the remaining 19 organizations, which represent about 300 artisan women.

Simultaneously, artisan women organizations from Puno, Lampa, Ayaviri and Chucuito with the Artisan’s Women House/MMR have continued producing to export dolls made of alpaca.  They also had the opportunity to participate in local Christmas fairs, as well as in the large regional fair “Pure Puno”, from 28 to 30 November, with successful sales results.

In this new project, we, “The Manuelas“, have the active participation of the Quechua and Aymara Regional Union of Artisan Women, URAQAM, we have the support and commitment of the Puno’s peri-urban Women Central, CAMUBP.  And, at the institutional level, we maintain the important support of the Puno’s Regional Direction of Foreign Trade and Tourism, an institution with greater consistency and effectiveness in strengthening the productive chain of alpaca and artisan products.

We are women who believe in other women, who give a hand to each other and trust the talent of the artisan women of Puno, and we thank everyone who write us and with encouraging words or a smile applaud the accomplishments of these women.  Soon we will be sharing more experiences.


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