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Nancy Ticona

Civil status: Married

Location: District of Pilcuyo

The two days that Nancy spent in Madrid were marvelous and unforgettable.  There, she and three other artisans participated in workshops and demonstrated their knitting skills.  She will never forget when she was interviewed by the most important news channel of Spain or when she joined in an urban knitting protest along with Spanish knitters.  Neither will Nancy, who is an expert on knitting dolls, forget the fair trade stores where she learned that in order to enter the European market, products must have special certification and be made of cotton.  Soon she and her group will surprise us with their new products.

How did you feel in Spain?

Very good. The IED designers and Economists without Borders took care of us and accompanied us everywhere.  We felt like we were part of a family.

What did they say about your knitting?

They were all surprised because our products are high quality and are handmade.  They did not believe us because there everything is machine made.

What do you plan to do now?

For more than three days I thought that it was all a dream.  Now, I have to share this experience with my companions and increase the quality of our work because we have a large order to fill.


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