Laraqueri Artisan Shop opens its doors

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On October 27, the Tienda Artesanal de Laraqueri (Laraqueria Artisan Shop)  located on the main Plaza in the district of Laraqueri Pichacani- Puno, opened its doors to the public, with local leaders, the artisans and the general public in attendance.

The new store, located on the main road to Moquegua,  will become a commercialization center for the women who belong to the  organizations “Wariwawitas”, “Cholitas de Karabotas” and “Huarijuyo” that participate in the project “Access to and Improvement of Economic Income of Quechua and Aymara Artisan Women in Puno” funded by the European Union.

Nicolás Ramos Conde, district mayor, pointed out that the new exhibition space is part of the agreement between local authorities and Movimiento Manuela Ramos. “We thank the work carried out by the project and we reaffirm out commitment to helping artisan women move forward because they create art through their work as artisans”.

Brígida Paye, in charge of the artisan program of the District Municipality stated that, “it makes me very happy to be in charge of an artisan products store created through the efforts of all the women.  Now we have a place where we can meet and sell our products”.

Finally, Nélida Cruz, in charge of the Technical Productive Area of the project, said that “Movimiento Manuela Ramos, the authorities and the artisans have all committed to working toward women’s success and helping them gain recognition for their work”.

As part of the program, they shared a hearty snack of cooked potatoes, beans (habas), Andean corn (mote), dried potatos (chuño), quispiño (porridge made from quinoa and lime)  and toctos. Young members of the artisan organizations accompanied the celebration with traditional dances such as the Khajelo.

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