Juli Artisan Shop opens

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The Juli Artisan Shop opens its doors on the Banks of Lake Titicaca.

Located in the Lacustre International Port in Juli at 3,884 meters above sea level in the province of Chucuito-Puno, the artisan shop brings together four artisan associations:  “Bartolinas de Olla”, “Aymaras de Juli”, “Niño San Salvador” and “San José de Molino”.  The store allows them to showcase their wide variety of hand knit products.

“As part of joint work carried out by Movimiento Manuela Ramos and the Provincial Municipality of Juli, today we can say that artisan women from our community have developed their productive abilities and business management skills and are in a stronger social and economic position.  As a result, we hope that the opening of this artisan shop will provide the economic impetus necessary for them to continue to grow”, stated Roxana Limachi, head of the Artisan Program of the Municipality of Juli, during the opening ceremony held on March 27th.

Likewise, the leader of the organization “Bartolina de Olla”, Deomila Candia, expressed her thanks for support provided by Manuela Ramos, as well as for equipment offered by the institution to furnish the store and set up clothing displays. She also commented that they hope to count on the continued support of the municipality, which has provided them with a free space to commercialize their products.

José Luis Palomino, lieutenant mayor for the municipality, underlined the importance of continuing with efforts necessary to provide more spaces where quality products may be shown. “As artisan production is a fundamental means of development for the community, above all for women; the municipality believes that it is convenient to provide these spaces where artisans may display their products.  The Juli Quay is an excellent showcase for these four organizations and allows them to demonstrate to tourists, especially those travelling from Copacabana to Puno, the quality of products that artisans can offer”.

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