European Union Ambassadors learn about the work of artisans Juli and Mazocruz

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Embajadores de la Unión Europea conocieron labor de artesanas de Juli y Mazocruz

Artisans of the associations “Bartolina de Olla”, “Niño San Salvador” and “Aymaras Juli” (Juli) and “Aymaras Altoandino” (Mazocruz) gave the European Union Mission a warm welcome and a colourful necklace of cantuta flowers (Peru’s national flower) when they arrived in Puno on an official visit to visit the district of Juli.

It was a warm and emotional meeting.  All the ambassadors and the wife of one got a close up view of the women’s work, the area where the project is carried out, the history of Juli, the testimony of artisans from Mazocruz and how being part of the project has changed their lives.

“Before, we knew nothing about our rights and we stayed at home: now we knit and we know our rights, we are independent and I know that all of the artisans will move ahead as a group and we will export through the Artisan Women´s House”, said Francisca Quenaya, artisan of Mazocruz.

Later, they continued on to the workshop where the artisans showed their work and project material.  The ambassadors bought products made by the artisans, who smilingly explained how they were knit and what the poncho, tapestry, sweater, gloves, as well as other garments, had been made from.

The mission was comprised of Hans Alldén, Ambassador and Delegation Chief of the European Union in Peru; Joachim Christoph Schmillen, Ambassador of Germany in Peru; Jean-Jacques Beaussou, Ambassador of France in Peru; Dimitris Hatzopoulos, Ambassador of Greece in Peru; Izabela Matusz, Ambassador of Poland in Peru; Vladimir Eisenbruk, Ambassador of the Check Republic in Peru; Adrian Hamburger, Ambassador of the Netherlands; and Stefan Nicolae, Rumanian Head of Business in Peru; and Helena Guarin, Councilor and Head of Developmental Cooperation of the European Union in Peru. They visited Puno from June 29th to July 1st.

The ambassadors were happy to learn that funds from the European Union were generating good results, such as the promotion of women’s skills and that these women now wish to continue to work to improve their quality of life.  “I am very happy with this visit because we see that funds from the European Union are being invested in women and their empowerment”, said Helena Guarin, Councilor and Head of Developmental Cooperation for the European Union en Peru.

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