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Dionisia Araca Chávez

Age: 38 years old

Civil status: single mother, two sons

Location: District of Mazocruz

Organization/Association: Artisan Women´s Organization “Virgencita de Santa Rosa”.

Neither poverty nor abandonment have daunted Dionisia. When she was young, she became pregnant and the father of her children abandoned them; yet, this has not defeated her. One day, after trying many different jobs, she was invited to a knitting workshop where she realized that she had a lot of skill with knitting needles and she learned that she could earn money knitting.  From that moment on, Dionisia´s luck changed as well as that of her children. Her earnings allow her to send them to school and cover their food costs.  They help her with housework and are her source of inspiration; they even encourage her to knit because they know that the more she knits, the more income she will have for everyone.

What have you learned?

I used to have my own way of knitting, but the training has taught me export knitting techniques, selection and dying of alpaca fibre.

What do you dream of doing?

My children, the association members and I all have a dream:  to export and produce in large quantities.

What does knitting mean to you?

I am proud of being an artisan.  For me, knitting is not a hobby, it´s a way of life.


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