CMA in FestiADNU

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FestiADNU, through its International X Bazar, presented over 120 exhibitors in a fair where artisan products, considered art, were very well received.  Artisan Women´s House offered a varied collection of toys and children´s clothing made from natural materials such as alpaca fiber and organic cotton created by artisan women from the Puno Region.  Other products such as shoes, purses, hats and ornaments were also on sale at the bazar.

For three days, many people discovered the quality, variety of designs and production capacity of the Manuelas de Puno, which today open their doors to the competitive international market.  FestiADNU is a showcase that has allowed CMA to reinforce its presence in the Lima market and contact new customers and possible buyers.

“Every year, the International Bazar attracts a greater number of visitors and, as a result, we are more rigorous in the selection process for exhibitors. Products offered by each exhibitor are assessed by a committee in order to provide not only unique products rather products that offer quality that can be guaranteed. Products that are offered provide a letter of introduction for work that can be offered to an increasingly demanding market” stated Gladys García, Program Director for the United National Women´s Association (ADNU).

FestiADNU brought together embassies, national and international institutions to raise funds for different social help projects offered by this organization.

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