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Brígida Cutipa Pauro

Age: 26 years old

Civil status: Married, two sons.

Location: District of Platería

Organization/Association: Artisans Association “Santa Rosa” de Pallalla

Brígida has changed a lot since she began to knit for the Artisan Women´s House. When she began, she was very shy, afraid to speak and didn´t know how to introduce herself. Little by little she gained confidence, perfecting her knowledge about knitting and now is one of the group leaders.  Brígida has not only grown as an artisan, rather she has also become an empowered woman because she gained her partner´s respect for her right to be trained.  He no longer prevents her from attending the workshops.

What have you learned?

Now I know how to knit anything and I also know about my rights.  This has made me stronger as a woman.

What do you dream of doing?

Having my own store for artisan products.

What does knitting mean to you?

With knitting I can take care of my children, give them money for bus fare, help my husband and save to buy a house or a piece of land.


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