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The Manuela from Puno continue to consolidate its presence in the international market. Once again, its fabrics are exhibited at the most important fair in the country, the Peru Gift Show, held at the Lima Convention Center from April 5 to 7. This new edition of the fair reaffirms their business training as artisan producers […]

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The encounter with the IED occurred when looking for export markets for its products. Manuela Ramos contacted the director of the Spanish design institute, Isabel Berz, who came with a group of senior students from the IED to do an internship in Puno. While Manuela Ramos continued to train the artisans in techniques of weaving, […]

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Vija a España_Manuelas de Puno

The Manuelitas and Manuelitos were present at the International Children’s Fashion Fair – FIMI, in Madrid. Her ambassador, Belinda Quispe of the “Vicuñitas de Lampa” artisan organization in Puno, tells us about her adventure. “It was the first time I boarded a plane. I had never left Puno and that scared me, but they were […]

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Did you know that Manuela Ramos is one of the 25 organizations that help to develop the Economic Autonomy of artisans promoting their work? Know a little about the top 10 companies that lead this ranking and discover how they make the difference 1.- Patos company tops the list. When a college student partnered with […]

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The Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), through the Directorate General of Crafts, reported that the National Artisan Registry (RNA) reports 60,099 craftsmen by the end of December 2016. The goal will be to reach 70,000 for purposes of 2017. Of the total registered, 72% are women and 28% are men. 59% of the […]

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In the community of Huaylluta, in the province of Canas, Cusco, men embroider polleras to court their girlfriends or show them affection. But also – together with a businesswoman from Cusco – they seek to turn this garment into a fashion boom. Genaro Quispe Ayma (45) and Yoni Castro Diaz (35) have been married for […]

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When science and tradition come together great things happen. A high-tech biomedical company located in La Paz, Bolivia hires Aymara women to make a complex tissue that is implanted in the heart of children born with heart defects. This implant once placed lasts a lifetime. The Nit Occlud is the hand-weaved cardiac implant capable of […]

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una tienda a las orillas del Lago Tititcaca

The Juli handicraft shop, located on the shore of the majestic Lake Titicaca, in the District of Chucuito, Puno, has become an important reference for handicraft, most of it hand-woven and of high quality. The Municipality of Juli has transferred to them the right to use large and beautiful premises, supporting also their maintenance and […]

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pasantia_artesanas de Puno

Twenty craftswomen from the organization “Vicuñitas de Lampa de Puno” (“Hoe Vicunas from Puno”) felt very happy and grateful for what they had learned during their internship in Bolivia with craftswomen from the organization Gregoria Apaza from the city of El Alto. “We have not asked anything from anybody. Our contributions and other expenses we […]

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“When we started, I only wanted to embroider to make money, but in each meeting there was a new subject to be learnt, the opportunity to know and to know ourselves: human rights, women’s rights, health, family planning, self-esteem, and values. This wasn’t just a knitting course; it was a space to grow and to […]

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Have you heard of “Child Labor Free”? If you haven’t, we are sure you will love this initiative, which was born from a non-profit organization in New Zealand, whose goal is to create a label that certifies those companies that, after submitting to an independent audit with the consultancy firm Ernst & Young, are able […]

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It is a solidary trade system that seeks to alleviate poverty by promoting the sustainable development of peoples. Hence, its goal is to create opportunities for producers whom the conventional trade system has marginalized or economically disadvantaged. Under Fair Trade principles, Casa de la Mujer Artesana (Craftswomen House) offers clients information about the organization, the […]

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One of the best therapies to make us feel well and happy is knitting. Neuroscience has proven it: “Performing manual activities such as knitting has healthy therapeutic effects.” Know the benefits With knitting needles, doing crochet, everything starts to lighten up. The rhythm and repetition, natural in this knitting activity, have a soothing and comforting […]

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On July 22, as part of the Domestic Work Day celebration, craftswomen from the Quechua and Aymara areas put on their colorful skirts to participate in a friendly volleyball championship. The craftswomen felt very happy as they released all their energy through sports practice. A short time before, many of these women had been under […]

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exportando al mundo

In Puno, many women are knitting their future, crochet-based, point-to-point knitting, and they unite with trust, they support each other, they are partners in this enterprise to build themselves a name within the country, as they are doing abroad. They have just completed a major challenge. More than 18 000 products that were produced and […]

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Just like you, many people would to keep the qualities of their organic cotton clothes and puppets to the maximum as long as possible, either because they are a gift we want to treasure, they are part of our memories or just because we love them. Therefore, the objective is NOT TO damage our highly […]

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The creations crafted by the artisan women of Puno had great success in the latest edition of Peru Gift Show 2015, which took place from May 27 to 29 in El Pentagonito. Knitting: Art and Source of Income “Customers examine the products, and they touch them, and orders start coming. It is because of the […]

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It was last year in September that we started a new dream, a new project: “Consolidating economic ventures of Aymara and Quechua artisan women weavers of Puno” with the aim of expanding opportunities for economic initiatives of artisan women.  Developing production and expanding their markets, we expect to consolidate their economic participation and autonomy. The […]

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Perhaps if we could remember how we were as children everything would be better because as it is shown in this video during childhood women are respected at all possible forms. The video starring by children is part of a ‘Fanpage’ campaign, which seeks to raise awareness about how deplorable is the violence against women. […]

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We want to share with you good news!  A new project to work with women in Puno is underway, and is the Spanish bank’s “Caixa”, through the work of the “Caixa” Fundación Obra Social who funds it. The “Caixa” is characterized by a strong social commitment and a clear vocation to work in the general […]

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Not only in Puno, but also almost everywhere in Peru it is clear that many women perform various activities in order to help to support their families.  They harmonize their work at home and outside with effort and discipline.  We talk about women who start the day with the first rays of the sun and […]

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With great enthusiasm it was celebrated the closing of the project “Access and improving of economic income of Quechua and Aymara Craftswomen in Puno”, on Tuesday 13, whose purpose was to highlight and strengthen the economic participation of rural craftswomen of the Quechua and Aymara area. The ceremony was attended by Irene Horejs, ambassador of […]

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For three days, dolls made by Puno artisans in alpaca fibre, organic cotton and conventional cotton stood out next to the best of export artisan products and home accessories, made by hand in different regions of the country. On this occasion, two representatives from the 40 artisan organisations in the Puno region that work with […]

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The district of Santa Rosa de Mazocruz now has its own artisan shop located on the road to Moquegua. The Mazocruz Artisan Shop, at 2050 meters above sea level, is the new point of sale inaugurated on March 28th in the district of Santa Rosa de Mazocruz-Puno, thanks to the interinstitutional agreement between the district […]

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The children´s home “Virgen de la Candelaria” in the village of Salcedo in Puno, is the third institution to benefit from Interweaving. Interweaving, which brought together over 800 people in the Main Square in Puno, today continues to deliver the garments and accessories that attendees to the event as well as the Manuelas from Puno […]

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The Juli Artisan Shop opens its doors on the Banks of Lake Titicaca. Located in the Lacustre International Port in Juli at 3,884 meters above sea level in the province of Chucuito-Puno, the artisan shop brings together four artisan associations:  “Bartolinas de Olla”, “Aymaras de Juli”, “Niño San Salvador” and “San José de Molino”.  The […]

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Three organisations of women artisans were winners of the competition “This is how we do it” -Successful Economic Experiences led by Women that took place on March 26th in the Provincial Municipality of Puno.  The goal of the competition was to raise awareness about and share experiences related to entrepreneurship, management and organization of artisan […]

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DSC01640 - web

The Children´s Home “Niño San Salvador” in Capachica is the second public assistance institution to receive garments knit and donated by volunteers who participated in Interweaving, an activity that was part of the Movimiento Manuela Ramos campaign:  “Housework must be shared by the entire family”.  Without economic autonomy, there is no true autonomy. The children […]

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The elderly home “Virgen del Rosario” in Chucuito was one of the first public welfare institutions to benefit from clothing knit and collected by the Manuelas during the “Interweaving” event. The elderly members of this home were very happy to put on the hats, scarves and mittens donated by the Manuelas and volunteers who participated […]

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pasacalle-Día del Artesano

In the midst of celebrations and festivities organized for International Artisan´s Day, authorities from the Puno region recognize the support and impetus given by Movimiento Manuela Ramos to artisan production in the region. “United artisans knit development in the Puno region by contributing to artisan production” is how Manuela Ramos distinguished itself in the event […]

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Over 700 knit garments were collected during Interweaving, an activity carried out as part of the campaign. The campaign “Housework must be share by the entire family”, organized by the Movimiento Manual Ramos project “Access to and Improvement of Economic Income of Quechua and Aymara Women in Puno”, aimed to raise awareness about work carried […]

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The campaign “Housework must be shared by the entire family”. Without economic autonomy, there is no true autonomy will now resonate throughout Puno, a region home to the project “Access to and Improvement of Economic Income of Quechua and Aymara Artisan Women in Puno”,  financed by the European Union. The action aims to raise awareness […]

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Markipuray 2

The Manuelas Regional Group of Quechua and Aymara Artisans – URAQAM (for its initials in Spanish), an organization created during the previous meeting of artisan leaders in the Puno Region, participated in the fourth Artisan Fair, Makipuray 2014.  The organization is part of the project “Access to and Improvement of Economic Income of Quechua and […]

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Un Billón de Pie

The Manuelas from Puno, who have worked for 35 years defending the human rights of women and gender equality on the local, regional and national level, participated in the campaign “One Billion Rising”, an event that is held every February 14th.  The campaign is a simultaneous global wakeup call that seeks to visibilize all struggles, […]

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II Encuentro de artesanas

From January 22nd to 24th,  over 40 women leaders from the districts of Puno, Pilcuyo, Ilave, Lampa, Azángaro, Asillo, Laraqueri, Plateria, Chucuito, Paucarcolla, Moho, Huancané, Juli, Pomata and Mazo Cruz participated in the II Artisan Leadership Meeting, Puno Region.  The meeting, “Exporting to the world”, was held in the city of Puno. This activity fostered a […]

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Product quality The Manuelitas and Manuelitos are made with selected yarns for the welfare of your children and the environment. The alpaca fiber is soft, comfortable, flexible, durable and heat-regulating action, while the organic cotton prevents allergic reactions, and allows greater ventilation and breathing of the skin. Besides, the dyes used are low impact; they don’t contain toxic chemicals or heavy […]

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web cma

In order to enter the European market and one of the most important fairs of the children’s fashion industry, Las Manuelas de Puno took part in the workshop “Designing clothing , accessories and toys for children”, led by designer Naty Muñoz. The workshop took place from November 26 to 29 in the district of Chucuito, with the […]

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Mama Huaco

Andean myths tell us yet again of the origin of the Incas through the legend of the Ayar brothers. As the story goes, the Ayar brothers emerged from Pacaritambo mountain, together with their four sisters, following the great rains that had ravaged the Earth. These brothers and sisters included Ayar Manco and Mama Ocllo; Ayar […]

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Puro Puno Regional 2-web

The participation of Movimiento Manuela Ramos artisans in the first “Puro Puno Regional Fair”, held in the gallery Central de Salcedo in Puno, culminated with the sale of many garments, accessories and toys. For three days, our artisans from the district of Vilque, from the organizations “Luz Divina” and “Santa Catalina”, not only learned about export […]

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Ernesto Otero

As part of the festivities for the 345th Anniversary of  Puno, we recall the Inca legend of Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo, founders of the Incan Empire, who began their journey in Lake Titicaca in Puno. Also known as the Legend of Lake Titicaca, it tells us that the god Inti sent his children Manco Cápac and […]

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Today we were paid a visit by José Vadillo, journalist with the El Peruano newspaper, who came to interview Gloria Acero, Nancy and Martha Ticona and Deomila Candia, the four artisans who travelled to Spain, and our manager, Alicia Villanueva. It was an opportunity to tell him about the trip, what we learned and achieved […]

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Little Marlowe, daughter of actress Sienna Miller, was photographed recently with her father wearing a pair of beautiful light blue booties from Finn&Emma, one of our partners in the United States. The booties, which are also rattles, are hand knit by Puno artisans.  They are one hundred percent natural products that protect the baby´s skin, […]

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Artisans Victoria Mendoza, of the Artisan Women´s Association “María Auxiliadora” de Huancané; Lorenza Huallpa of the Artisan Women´s Association “Wariwawitas” de Laraqueri, and Virginia Mamani and Paulina Monge the Artisan Women´s Association “CAMUBP” of Puno travelled to Tacna to participate in the fair Perú, Mucho Gusto 2013, held from May 31st to June 2nd in […]

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foto 1

On October 27, the Tienda Artesanal de Laraqueri (Laraqueria Artisan Shop)  located on the main Plaza in the district of Laraqueri Pichacani- Puno, opened its doors to the public, with local leaders, the artisans and the general public in attendance. The new store, located on the main road to Moquegua,  will become a commercialization center […]

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Puro Puno 2013 173- ok

Nélida Cruz Choque,  head of the Technical Productive Area of the project “Access to and Improvement of the Economic Income of Quechua and Aymara Artisan Women in Puno”  funded by the European Union, along with Saturnina Nina Aruquipa, president of the organization Virgen de Fátima de Ollanta from the province of Azángaro, and Carmen Arocutipa […]

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Noche de Jazz y Arte

On September 26th, the Artisan Women´s House participated in “Jazz and Art Night”, held in the Canadian embassy, in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Association  of Peru- FIQUI Perú, donating a percentage of sales to this foundation. As well as collaborating with this association, we had the opportunity to show CMA knitting to other artisans. […]

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FestiADNU, through its International X Bazar, presented over 120 exhibitors in a fair where artisan products, considered art, were very well received.  Artisan Women´s House offered a varied collection of toys and children´s clothing made from natural materials such as alpaca fiber and organic cotton created by artisan women from the Puno Region.  Other products […]