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The district of Santa Rosa de Mazocruz now has its own artisan shop located on the road to Moquegua. The Mazocruz Artisan Shop, at 2050 meters above sea level, is the new point of sale inaugurated on March 28th in the district of Santa Rosa de Mazocruz-Puno, thanks to the interinstitutional agreement between the district […]

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The children´s home “Virgen de la Candelaria” in the village of Salcedo in Puno, is the third institution to benefit from Interweaving. Interweaving, which brought together over 800 people in the Main Square in Puno, today continues to deliver the garments and accessories that attendees to the event as well as the Manuelas from Puno […]

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The Juli Artisan Shop opens its doors on the Banks of Lake Titicaca. Located in the Lacustre International Port in Juli at 3,884 meters above sea level in the province of Chucuito-Puno, the artisan shop brings together four artisan associations:  “Bartolinas de Olla”, “Aymaras de Juli”, “Niño San Salvador” and “San José de Molino”.  The […]

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Three organisations of women artisans were winners of the competition “This is how we do it” -Successful Economic Experiences led by Women that took place on March 26th in the Provincial Municipality of Puno.  The goal of the competition was to raise awareness about and share experiences related to entrepreneurship, management and organization of artisan […]

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The Children´s Home “Niño San Salvador” in Capachica is the second public assistance institution to receive garments knit and donated by volunteers who participated in Interweaving, an activity that was part of the Movimiento Manuela Ramos campaign:  “Housework must be shared by the entire family”.  Without economic autonomy, there is no true autonomy. The children […]

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The elderly home “Virgen del Rosario” in Chucuito was one of the first public welfare institutions to benefit from clothing knit and collected by the Manuelas during the “Interweaving” event. The elderly members of this home were very happy to put on the hats, scarves and mittens donated by the Manuelas and volunteers who participated […]

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pasacalle-Día del Artesano

In the midst of celebrations and festivities organized for International Artisan´s Day, authorities from the Puno region recognize the support and impetus given by Movimiento Manuela Ramos to artisan production in the region. “United artisans knit development in the Puno region by contributing to artisan production” is how Manuela Ramos distinguished itself in the event […]

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Markipuray 2

The Manuelas Regional Group of Quechua and Aymara Artisans – URAQAM (for its initials in Spanish), an organization created during the previous meeting of artisan leaders in the Puno Region, participated in the fourth Artisan Fair, Makipuray 2014.  The organization is part of the project “Access to and Improvement of Economic Income of Quechua and […]

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II Encuentro de artesanas

From January 22nd to 24th,  over 40 women leaders from the districts of Puno, Pilcuyo, Ilave, Lampa, Azángaro, Asillo, Laraqueri, Plateria, Chucuito, Paucarcolla, Moho, Huancané, Juli, Pomata and Mazo Cruz participated in the II Artisan Leadership Meeting, Puno Region.  The meeting, “Exporting to the world”, was held in the city of Puno. This activity fostered a […]

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Product quality The Manuelitas and Manuelitos are made with selected yarns for the welfare of your children and the environment. The alpaca fiber is soft, comfortable, flexible, durable and heat-regulating action, while the organic cotton prevents allergic reactions, and allows greater ventilation and breathing of the skin. Besides, the dyes used are low impact; they don’t contain toxic chemicals or heavy […]

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Mama Huaco

Andean myths tell us yet again of the origin of the Incas through the legend of the Ayar brothers. As the story goes, the Ayar brothers emerged from Pacaritambo mountain, together with their four sisters, following the great rains that had ravaged the Earth. These brothers and sisters included Ayar Manco and Mama Ocllo; Ayar […]

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Puro Puno Regional 2-web

The participation of Movimiento Manuela Ramos artisans in the first “Puro Puno Regional Fair”, held in the gallery Central de Salcedo in Puno, culminated with the sale of many garments, accessories and toys. For three days, our artisans from the district of Vilque, from the organizations “Luz Divina” and “Santa Catalina”, not only learned about export […]

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Ernesto Otero

As part of the festivities for the 345th Anniversary of  Puno, we recall the Inca legend of Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo, founders of the Incan Empire, who began their journey in Lake Titicaca in Puno. Also known as the Legend of Lake Titicaca, it tells us that the god Inti sent his children Manco Cápac and […]

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Embajadores de la Unión Europea conocieron labor de artesanas de Juli y Mazocruz

Artisans of the associations “Bartolina de Olla”, “Niño San Salvador” and “Aymaras Juli” (Juli) and “Aymaras Altoandino” (Mazocruz) gave the European Union Mission a warm welcome and a colourful necklace of cantuta flowers (Peru’s national flower) when they arrived in Puno on an official visit to visit the district of Juli. It was a warm […]

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Las Manuelas un proyecto de moda y cooperación

“Las Manuelas” continue to make a name for themselves in Spain thanks to the exhibition of the same name on display at the European Institute of Design (IED) until May 22nd. The exhibit is comprised of photos, videos and infographs that explain how Spanish designers and Puno artisans changed their original idea of designing an […]