Artisans get ready for Bubble London

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In order to enter the European market and one of the most important fairs of the children’s fashion industry, Las Manuelas de Puno took part in the workshop “Designing clothing , accessories and toys for children”, led by designer Naty Muñoz.

The workshop took place from November 26 to 29 in the district of Chucuito, with the participation of 22 artisans from associations in the districts of Pomata, Puno, Chucuito, Laraqueri, Moho and Huancané.

The new collection includes 15 garments, 8 accessories and 2 dolls. An initial group of children’s clothing, inspired in Puno, inspired in Puno, is made using skipped stitches. Another group stands out for its latticework and intarsia (striped) design, while a third is recognized for the use of natural and neutral tones.  All these collections will be shown at the Bubble Fair 2014 in London, on January 26th and 27th.

For designer Naty Muñoz, artisans that participated in the workshop demonstrated a high level of responsibility.  “The collection in itself is the result of group work; I have an idea, but they complement my idea with their contributions”. “Knowledge is power”, she adds, as she concludes the workshop. “Each one of you has to learn every day; each design must be unique.  With creativity, responsibility and hard work you will achieve your goals”.

Movimiento Manuela Ramos , by means of the project “Access to and Improvement of Economic Income of Quechua and Aymara Artisan Women in Puno”, funded by the European Union, enable women to continue to move forward and help others.  Workshops such as these build women´s capacities and increase their professional level, providing them with greater opportunities to competitively enter the market.

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