1st “Interweaving” delivery

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The elderly home “Virgen del Rosario” in Chucuito was one of the first public welfare institutions to benefit from clothing knit and collected by the Manuelas during the “Interweaving” event.

The elderly members of this home were very happy to put on the hats, scarves and mittens donated by the Manuelas and volunteers who participated in Interweaving, an activity that is part of the Movimiento Manuela Ramos campaign “Housework must be shared by the entire family”.  Without economic autonomy, there is no true autonomy.

Held on February 26th in the main square of Puno, the event brought together over 800 people among public and private institutions, NGOs, artisan organizations, women´s organizations, youth organizations and the general public. This event is the result of the efforts of men and women who not only knit their future but also wish to contribute to those who are in a situation of greater disadvantage and poverty.

Upon receiving this initial delivery, Vilma Tapia Tito, in charge of the elderly home, expressed her thanks and asked that this type of activity continue to be held in support of the wellbeing of the elderly.  Further, she asserted that is it interesting to facilitate a group of people who knit, talk together and help others.

“I´m going to sleep nice and warm with this”, “this shawl was just what I wanted” and “Diuspara” were some of the expressions of appreciation made by the elderly who received the clothing.

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